Smart Contracts

The term "Smart Contract" refers to computer code that automatically executes all or parts of an agreement and is stored on a blockchain. Creating them is a complex and multi-stage process.

Here are the typical steps involved, which Contrax aims to simplify and streamline.

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    Use Case

    The purpose of the contract must be defined and achievable from the onset
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    The high level logic of the contract is diagrammed based on the use case
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    Once all of the logic is understood, it is coded based on best practices
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    Manual Testing

    The contract and its uses are tested in a test-net environment such as Rinkeby or Ropsten
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    All transactions from testing are recorded and analyzed against their expected amounts and behaviors
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    Unit Testing

    Frameworks such as Truffle are used to test individual functions of the smart contract
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    Third Party

    External developers and testers review the code to ensure the contract is sensible and secure
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    Bug Bounty

    Bug bounties typically remain open on contracts to reward white hat hackers whom discover exploits

Why Contrax?

The Problem

Developing smart contracts requires a steep learning curve and some unique programming languages.

The market lacks tooling capable of handling every stage of the smart contract process under one roof in a streamlined manner.


The Solution

Contrax offers an all-in-one, drag-n-drop style development platform with native support for the top "smart chains", paving the way for a DeFi future where everyone can participate.

The app aggregates a suite of existing open-source tools and APIs under the hood, and puts control in the hands of its community via the TRAX DAO.


The App

Giving Power to the People

The Contrax app makes it quick and easy for developers and non-developers alike to create their own crypto tokens and smart contracts.

Users can also customize on-chain data, create farms, integrate with top Web3 services, and so much more!

  • Create Ethereum-based tokens and other smart contracts in minutes
  • Edit and save templates, code snippets and custom projects
  • Explore and utilize on-chain data for tokens and other contracts

TRAX Token

Token Image

Token Summary

Initially, the Contrax team will centrally develop and launch the dApp beta. After testing, the full app will launch to the public with the Trax the token holders in control of the future eatures, contracts, and code approvals. The token holders will also vote on how to allocate the public treasury of the token for the best interest of the project.

The Trax token can also be staked in the Contrax app for access to staking exclusive features, while earning rewards for staking. Please see the Contrax Docs for more details.

Token Distribution

A breakdown of the token distribution categories. Details and release schediles are in the Contrax Docs.

DAO Public Treasury: For the token holders to decide on how to use based on proposals and voting.

Company: For the team, advisors, and company behind the Contrax project.

Private Sale: For a private sale to accredited private individuals and crypto token purchasing companies.

Liquidity Bootstrapping Event: The Balancer LBP which will distribute tokens at a fair market value using a self-adjusting equilibrium algorithm.

Community/Liquidity Rewards: or the token holders to decide on how to use based on proposals and voting.





• Website and Whitepaper release

• Bounty Programs Begin

September 2021

• Polygon and BSC Integration

• Contrax App Beta Launch

October 2021

• Contrax LBP and full App launch

• Contrax DAO takeover

Q4 2021

• Rebasing Tokens added

Q1 2022

• Contrax for Business launch

• Business marketing campaign begins

Q2 2022

• Smart contract marketplace launched

• On-chain voting enabled

Q3 2022

DAO Creator Pilot

Q4 2022

• Contrax becomes the go-to smart contract and token service for consumer and business



Soheeb Aziz headshot
Soheeb Aziz
Co-founder | Operations
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KJ Magill
Co-founder | Engineering
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Maaz Aziz
Co-founder | Business Development
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Carson Case
Engineering | Smart Contracts
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Andy Lee
Engineering | Product
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Gianfranco D'agostino
Strategic Advisor
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Sidney Powell
Strategic Advisor
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SavicFoley P.C.
Legal Team


Contrax is an upcoming decentralized app and DAO for smart contract and token management without code. This project was created by Leios, a U.S based corporation for blockchain products. The app allows for Defi, DAO, or any other blockchain creators and developers to simply make and manage their own tokens and smart contracts through an intuitive user interface. Our initial contract templates are also DeFi and DAO focused to allow users to create staking, farming, and governance for your token, or to add features to existing tokens.
The Trax token is the governance token of the the Contrax app. The token also grants exclusive features and staking opportunities once the user connects their metamask or other web3 wallet. See the Contrax Docs for the current feature list of the Trax token.
The app will be web-based while also being optimized for mobile. It will be released on this website when ready for launch. We estimate the beta will go live October. The staking features will not be accessible until the Trax token launches via the LBP in the fall. You can click the link at the top of the page to sign up for the Contrax beta and earn Trax tokens for doing so.
The Trax token will be launched after the app has been released and beta tested in fall. Afterwards, you will be able to purchase the Trax token via Balancer's LBP event for the Trax token. More information will be coming soon on this process.

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